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Our Business in China

We support companies considering in entering the Chinese market

If your company is interested in establishing a subsidiary office in China please do not hesitate in contacting us.

We support business expansion in China by providing the following services:

We provide support with any type of legal documentation at the time of establishing an office in China
Process Agent
We assist you with the selection and location of your office and all the paperwork required in order to establish your office.
Business accounting and tax support
We provide all accounting and tax support related consulting services.
Office Agent
We can act as a local office subsidiary.
Market Research
We can provide local market research according to your needs.
Trading Agent
We can assist with tax exemption procedures when importing and exporting.
Business Trip support

We can support your business trip to China with allocation, transportation, translation etc.


Representative office in China

Company Name Breathbit Inc.
Date of Establishment April/2010
Address Zip Code 116001
Dalianshi, zhongshanqu, erqiguangchang, mingshicaifu, (gangwanjie20hao beita 710shi)
Contact Information Tel:86-411-82766337   Fax:86-411-82767145
Person in Charge Chen

Contact us by phone


Service Hours: 9:00~18:00 / Holidays: Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays.

Person in charge: Tachi


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