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Company Information

Company Name Breathbit Inc.
Establishment 17/July/2000
Executives Representative Director
Board Member
Board Member
Tachi Tsuyoshi
Araki Shinichi
Nagata Ayako
Adress Zip Code: 232-0064
SeishinBL 2F, 1-3-31 Bessho, Minami-Ku, Yokohama
Telephone Number Tel:+81-45-730-1656 Fax:+81-45-730-1657
Capital 12,000,000 yen
Reporting of Accounts March    
Main Bank Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Yokohama Branch/Kawasaki Credit Union Mutsukawa Branch
Major Partners Mitsubishi Electric Information Systems
Mitsubishi Electric Information Technology
Toshiba Information Systems
Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Electric Control Software

Company History

year 2000 April Establishment of Breathbit Inc.
year 2000 July With a capital of 12 million yen established its office in Yokohama, Isogo.
Year 2001 October Headquarters relocation to Yokohama, Minami-ku.
2010 April Establishment of our first subsidiary office in China, Dalian.

Our Principles

We provide our service and solutions standing from our client's point of view

Starting from this concept we adapt to our client's need in order develop quality systems applications and remarkable consulting services.

Networks and Technologies change at a fast pace. Systems become more complex year by year and we do our best effort to adapt to market circumstances. We do not only provide system development and system support but also we provide services as a system integrator.

We have a great commitment to our clients by making their company's problems our problems and so that become able to create long term partnerships based in trust.

Management Policy

We have a culture of respect within the company among individuals. Company has a flat structure rather than vertical and we continuously held discussions in order to provide better ideas. We are a group of committed passionate engineers who work hard in order to gain and build our customer’s trust.

Since our establishment we have been working in different areas and that has enabled us to create different areas of expertise as well and that is something that differentiates us from other companies. We do not only focus in system development or in IT infrastructure but we have specialized professionals for all business lines within technology.

We believe we can help reduce production costs and build any type of system based high productivity.