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CITIZEN EYES Has been released!


Evaluation period has just started. Please download this application and start uploading pictures and comments of your community. Your reviews are very important to us in order to improve this application.

CITIZEN EYES Publish and update issues of your community!!!

This application was made to create awareness of illegal littering, wholes, cracks on the road, danger spots etc to municipalities. All this information is uploaded and created by the society.


It is possible to upload pictures and comments for other users to see and comment as well
This application helps authorities to be aware of the issue in a faster pace
Uploaded information is forwarded to Twitter as well.
The application uses the handset gps capability, there is no need to comment where the picture has been taken
PC browser capability available * There might be some lag
All data is recorded and it is kept in the database

Application Cost

Free of Charge


Advertisement Opportunities

We are looking for advertising companies interested in advertising this application.

For more information please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Sponsorship Opportunities

CITIZEN EYES We see great potential in this area. We are looking forward to provide better
performance and features to our users

Running Environment

Operating System iPhone(iOS4.2~)
Android(Android OS 2.2 ~)
Web Service
IE8.0 and above
Chrome13.0 and above
Firefox5.0 and above
Safari5.0 and above
*The checkpoint registration feature might not be available for some handsets.


Please contact us if you need information of how to use this application.
Usage of this application for commercial purposes (even if combined within another application) is prohibited.
We do not modify, decompile or re-engineer this application.

Contact us by phone


    Operation Hours: 9:00~18:00 / Holidays: Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays.

E-mail contact information


In order to be able to contact you, please leave your name, company name, e-mail address and a phone number.

(Content within the e-mail including your name and contact information will not be shared with third parties).