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DB Graphic Tool

Provides visual clarity to information stored in the database

DB Graphic Tool displays a graph and information of how the database is being utilized
Utilize this tool without affecting the database

Our DB Graphic Tools access the database and captures every movement with integrated bars and 3 dimension visual representation


This DB Graphic Tool can be use regardless of field and it is a powerful tool for advanced users of any industry

DB Graphic Tool provides different types of information

Shows the content of the database almost in real time
Provides lines and bars charts
It shows up to 4 graphs (20items)  simultaneously
Displays 3D meshes and plots

DB Graph


 Functionalities independent from the environment

It is totally independent from the following Databases (Oracle、DIAPRISM as well as SQL Server)
Advanced features can be set according to each environment

Advanced Features

Possibility of adding new destinations
Specified connection function can be recorded
With an extreme short lag time graphic capabilities gives the possibility of expanding and printing selected areas

Evaluation version

 We provide an evaluation version so that our clients can get an idea of the full capability of our "DB Graphic Tool"

 *DB Graphic Tool evaluation version limitations

Valuation version restricts access to some options
Connection restricted to Oracle
Option of mixing multiple times within the same chart is blocked



Please contact a sales representative in order to get our valuation version.

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Running Environment

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional
CPU requirements Pentium4 2GHz and above
RAM 512 MB
Hard disk installation package 10megabytes, after installation 20megabytes