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Travel Guidebook Dokoiku?

 This travel guidebook application uses GPS capabilities from mobile devices.

Additional Information

July/20011  Started to provide GPS support to our users
Capability of displaying the location of whole groups of people
Enjoy it with your friends and check your position on the go (optional features added in the fill version)

App Features

While walking you can look for tourist attractions and stores
It can show the route to your destination from your current location
It shows pictures and complete information of tourist attractions
Free version restricts some of its functionality as well some data but anyone is welcome to download it from the following icon
  • Dokoiku? 横浜
  • Dokoiku? 鎌倉
  • Dokoiku? 大連

Paid version includes Chinese, English and Japanese languages with whole access to tourist spots and stores that are continuously updated
  • Dokoiku? Yokohama
  • Dokoiku? Kamakura


   Dokoiku? Yokohama (Japanese)

Dokoiku? 横浜

   Dokoiku? Yokohama (English)

Dokoiku? Yokohama

   Dokoiku? Yokohama (Chinese)

Dokoiku? Yokohama



Please contact us if you need information of how to use this application
Usage of this application for commercial purposes (even if combined within another application) is prohibited
We do not modify, decompile or re-engineer this application

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